Wednesday, March 25, 2009

So, I got my Betta Fish, his name is Sushi, and he is Green, blue, and red!!!

And thank you all foryour amazing comments, its helpped me though I am hardly using first names at all now. But hey if thats what THEY want then fine, I just hope that they realize that I can not get close to someone I call Sister... it just forms a barrier for me, I use first names when I respect, trust and LOVE a person. Oh well life goes on I guess and I will no Longer cry over spilt milk, so to speak, I just may seem largly distant from some people for a long while, they have lost my trust, and will have to earn it back. I know that I am an amazing person, a sweat girl, I am an artist so by nature I take things personal, Things that seem small are a huge deal to me. and I feel things very deeply and truly act on those emotions. I was calling Tyler Mossey, Brother Mossey, but when I did he told me to call him Tyler, so of course I WILL.

So thanks for helpping me during my little trial this week you guys are amazing!

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  1. I'm sorry I didn't read your previous posts earlier. I am sorry that we used you as an example in front of the other girls. i will always be joanne to you but out of respect for our calling.... well you know the drill! I think that you and I have the most in commmon and that is why I love you!!! I think you are a mature, responsible, lovable, fun, funny, wonderful girl/woman/yw/babysitter/FRIEND!!! please don't compare yourself with others- we always come up short. I love you Sister Rachel Harris!!!!