Monday, September 28, 2009

Who am I?
Who am I?
The question I often ponder,
creeps up into my thoughts.
I’ll tell you who I am,
I am a brilliant first daughter,
born from the womb of a mother so dear.
I am a princess,
who has a gentle protector,
her father so near.
I am one loved by so many,
who love me even more each year,
my nana was more than just my family,
she was my friend,
that I held so dear.
I started out crying and sleeping all day,
but as time has pressed forward,
I now plan for the day that I must leave the nest.
Lullabies that put me to sleep,
dance in my head,
a reminder to keep.
That little blue teddy
who kept me so safe,
will forever remain in my own special place.
I am between a child and adult,
Who cares for the young child, she calls sister dear.
Where playing and laughing,
is our secret cheer.
I am a care bear,
so gentle and kind.
Love-a0lots my name,
only used by my tender hearted friend.
I have a brother,
are parents are not the same,
we are so close, we feel less like pals,
and more like family.
I am a musical being,
Loving the beats, tunes, and tempos,
that seems to surround my ear.
Gummy bears bouncing,
here and there and everywhere.
Plays through my memories,
as moving pictures and happy sounds.
Where good never looses,
and bad never wins.
I am from a nation,
of Freedom in,
I am a woman,
Who started out small?
But now have grown kind of tall.
Knowing that I was,
born to be,
the me that is,


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  2. "Love-a0lots" should be "Love-a-Lot's".

    "are parents are not the same" - "our parents are not the same"

    "that seems" would probably work better as "that seem".

    "Plays through" would probably be better as "Play through".

    "looses" should be "loses".

    The language also needs a little work at the end, but, this was a wonderful poem all the same. I'm looking forward to reading more, and am on the edge of my seat waiting. I'm an aspiring novelist myself.