Thursday, June 18, 2009

A Vampire's Lust

A bond so strng,
it can do no wrong,
the lust we feel,
seems to pull me in deeper.
That ivory skin,
so soft,
and sleek.
Is cradled,
in my hands of stone.
Your life is now,
mine to keep.
Two tiny white daggers,
extend from my lips,
poised to strike,
your perfect neck.
You gasp,
in pain,
as our connection,
is made.
The sweet wine,
of your body,
quenches my thirst.
That rich,
You are mine,
there is no turning,
I stole you away,
from the life which you led.
Your body is dying,
your soul,
well who knows?
All I know,
is that this pleasure,
is greater than,
the pleasure of the body.
Your blood,
is so precious.
That I will never,
spill a drop.

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