Wednesday, October 27, 2010


I don't know about the rest of the world, but for once this year I am so excited for Halloween. My costume is going to be a girlie version of the mad hatter... because Wonderland is a wonderful place...LOL! School is tough tough tough but I am holding my own. Oh, and today I am getting my hair cut by my aunt for free... YAY!!! I feel so cheap in a way but now that I am a student I have to be. Living in the house I am in is great it really feels like home to me and I love my roommates, every single one of them though I see some more than others. And I still don't know what I am allergic too and what is causing these reactions, hopefully I will know sooner than later.
I will try and blog some more but in the mean time you will just have to wait!!!! Here is a pick aof may back within 5 min of a reaction starting!!

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  1. Crappy! I hate rashes...they are terrible! I'm glad school is going well. Good luck with that mad hatter outfit...what a good idea!