Wednesday, February 16, 2011

The Dawn of a new day

So, its been a long time since I have blogged and I can't believe that I have slacked off so bad. School is going well; this semester I am taking Drama 1000A, Psychology 1000A, Survey of English Literature II 2450A, and Anthropology Popular Culture 2110A; and my profs are all really great. I have started to wear my retainer every day 24/7 and though it hurts I know it will help me in the end. I am really excited for reading week when I can go home and be with my mom, dad, sister, and the puppies. Its really amazing the changes that take place personally once you leave home and begin to prepare for your future, it needs to happen and sometimes its tough but its worth it.


  1. You're looking great Rach- It's such an exciting time in your life - enjoy it!

  2. I'm glad that school is going well for you! You look like you have a interesting course load....Anthropology pop culture? Kathy's right, enjoy it! You are such a great girl, you deserve it!