Thursday, March 3, 2011

So I was thinking the other day that I am so tired of being in school and then I realized that I am done by like the 26th of april that is like 2 months not even. So now I am in that stage when all you can think about is the end of the school term and now I really can't wait. But besides that I have handed in the first of two english lit. essays and boy was it hard to write (it was 5 1/2 pages [YIKES]) and I handed in my first production report in Drama which was nice to have done. This next week I have a YSA dance coming up and I have a play to go see on the 12th called Confessions of a Paperboy can't wait for that to be done I believe my prof said there is a total of one actor that is it and its 2 hours or something like that. BLAH. The weather here has been pretty cold lately but it looks like it is slowly beginning to warm up a teenie tiny bit. This year has been quite the year so far as I start 2011 knowing that I was going to have to get my bottom 2 wisdom teeth removed and that was sure painful. I have really missed my family since being away from home especially Kinsley because she is my sister after all and I miss seeing her all the time I mean there is like 9 years between us. I also greatly miss my puppy Ryker as he would curl up in bed with me every morning and he still does when I go home to visit. YAY. Well I will keep you posted later!!

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  1. Thanks for the wonderful visit when you came home last. It was a real pleasure to have you home. Thanks for all of your help.