Friday, May 22, 2015

So the blog and I apparently have taken a long enough break seeing as how my last post was in 2012 and it is now spring of 2015. So here is what is new with me since then... I took a year to study as an exchange student in South Korea back in 2013 and boy did that really set my life on the path it is on now. I can now speak Korean its not perfect but I am continuing to work on it. In the later part of 2013 I met that man that would change my life forever... I started dating Kyungkyu in December of 2013 and by February 2014 we were engaged and planning our wedding. What a whirlwind that was, but we successfully are almost done our 1st year of marriage. We have had are bumps but we are working through them one step at a time. We started my husbands immigration process in October of 2014 and step 1 of 2 processes has been completed, but we are now waiting for the second to finish. It has been a huge struggle for us and I thank our families for all their support and help. It has cost us over 5000 Canadian for his immigration thus far. :( As for now we are both living together in S. Korea and working while we wait for word that my husband can come to Canada. I am currently working for an English school named BCM and I like it there. Our Korean wedding will take place while we are in Korea for my husbands family, the day is set for June 13th, 2015. I am thankful every single day for the blessings that I have received and hope to continue on this path towards our future. Whats next for us not sure; it could be kids, new jobs, travel, you name it... all I know is that it will be an ADVENTURE and for that I have not doubts.^^

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